Two Moms Share Their Experiences Parenting Children with Down Syndrome

Did you know that October was Down Syndrome Awareness Month?

Each year, about 6,000 babies in the U.S. are born with this common chromosomal condition. Welcoming a baby with Down syndrome into the family can feel overwhelming, but in reality, parents of children with Down syndrome face many of the same challenges all new parents encounter — including how to make a home that’s comfortable and safe for their children without sacrificing style!

For Michelle Coleman’s family of four (plus one rambunctious dog), Ruggish provides a defined play area in the living room where the family spends much of their time together.

“It’s where both my kids did tummy time, where they learned to roll, and where my older one now roughhouses with his dad (and dog),” said Michelle. “I host playdates at the house where the kids have a picnic lunch on the Ruggish — I would NOT allow that on a regular rug.”

Since the birth of Michelle’s second son earlier this year, Ruggish has also provided a safe and comfortable space for his weekly physical and occupational therapy sessions.

“Our son Patrick has one extra chromosome (or are we all missing one?), so he was diagnosed with Down syndrome three days after he was born,” said Michelle, who shares snaps from Patrick’s life on Instagram. “Since Patrick was a month old, we’ve been using it on a weekly basis as an inviting space to have the physical therapist sit comfortably and work with Pat.” 

Like Michelle, Krista Robbins has two sons, and her almost-three-year-old, Easton, has Down syndrome. She tells her family’s story on her blog and on Instagram, where she and Michelle connected.

“I share so much of our life because I want people to get used to differences so they can see they aren’t scary,” Krista says. 

Being a mom of two small boys doesn’t mean Krista has lost her sense of style. When she’s shopping for the family home, she leans toward neutral colors and tones, so Ruggish is a great fit.

“I love how beautiful and simple the design is,” Krista says. “It would fit basically in every room in my home.

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