Keep Your Car Loving Toddler Entertained With This Super-Easy Activity

Developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills can be fun and easy when you get creative with a few toys on your Ruggish play rug.

Here’s a simple but stimulating game inspired by an activity shared on (If you haven’t already bookmarked this site, be sure to check it out — it’s a treasure trove of fun things to do with your littles!)

All you need to help your little one put on their own toy parade is a bin of small toys. Cars (we love these!) or animals work really well. Then it’s as simple as encouraging your child to line up their very own parade along the “parade route.” The lines and zigzags on our map are ready-made to follow for a toy parade, but you can do this activity on any Ruggish rug — just make your own lines and shapes with washi or masking tape, then easily peel them up when playtime is over! 

Want to add a twist? Try turning it into a counting game (How many toys can you line up? Can you line up ten, twenty, or more?) or organizing parades by color or kind of toy. As simple as this activity seems, you’ll be surprised how long little ones can stay entertained lining up their own parades!

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