Meet Minimalist Mom, Christina Beavs

Christina Beavs likes the simple life.

Christina and her family live near Phoenix, Arizona, where she is a stay-at-home mom to two small boys. A self-described minimalist, she uses Instagram as a creative outlet to share her organization ideas, tips for simpler living, DIY projects and favorite products. Spend a few minutes scrolling her feed and you’ll quickly see how her quest for simplicity informs every aspect of her life, from the clothes she wears (she’s a fan of a capsule wardrobe) to the way she takes care of her house (think homemade, all-natural cleaners and eco-friendly products). 

Even when it comes to shopping for her home, her style tends toward “less is more.”

“I’ve always loved the modern look, so I would classify my home design style as modern and minimalistic,” Christina said. 

As you might expect from someone who is a diligent reader of ingredient labels, Christina is careful about what she brings into her home, whether it’s a cleaning product, a plaything or a piece of furniture.

“I like to only have practical and functional pieces in my home,” she said. “It’s very important to me to carefully consider each piece that I add into my home.”

That’s led her to a philosophy of quality over quantity -- and waiting for the right furnishings, even if they take a while to find.

“I used to just buy something that ‘worked’ instead of something I loved,” she said. “I’m very selective now.”

One thing about which Christina is particularly selective? Rugs. She had a hard time finding floor coverings and play mats that she liked enough to use in her home. When she found Ruggish Co., it was love at first sight. Christina now has five Ruggish play rugs in her home: a Liv, a Romy, and a Lulu in her living room, TV room and playroom, plus Lola runners in her master bathroom and kitchen. 

“I chose Ruggish because I didn’t want to sacrifice my ‘adult’ style for my kids,” Christina explained. “I was determined to not have a house that looked like a giant toy store.”

Along with style and functionality, she likes that shopping with Ruggish means supporting a small business.

“I feel like it’s important for consumers to continue to be able to have choice when it comes to where we spend our money,” Christina said. “We won’t have that if we only buy from big box stores all the time, so that’s why I try to support small businesses as much as I can.”

While Christina is raising her boys to be thoughtful consumers, at ages 4 and 1 they might not yet understand all the reasons their mom picked Ruggish — but they do enjoy spending time together on their comfy play rugs.

“I love that my kids love the rugs just as much as I do,” Christina said.

Follow along with Christina’s life in Arizona: @christina_beavs

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