Small Steps Toward Raising Anti-Racist Children

“Anti-racism” has been a much-discussed topic over the past couple of months. What we need to know as parents, especially those of us who are raising white children, is that it’s not enough to teach our kids not to be racist; we need to teach them to be anti-racist — in other words, to actively oppose racism and promote equality.

Sounds like a tall order, we know, especially considering how pervasive inequality is in our country. But there are things we can do as parents to promote anti-racism in meaningful ways, and there are so many wonderful resources to help us out, with more available all the time! Here are just a few:

  • Anti-Racism Book Lists
    Bedtime stories can be a great way to share your values, and that includes racial justice! Many bloggers, organizations and publications have shared their lists of anti-racist books for kids, including Brightly, Babylist, Powell’s and Publishers WeeklyThe King of Kindergarten is our current favorite! 
  • What White Parents Get Wrong About Raising Anti-Racist Kids — and How to Get it Right
    In this Washington Post column, parenting writer Melinda Wenner Moyer asks and answers many of the questions you may have about talking to your children (and why you should answer their questions directly and with intention). 
  • Conversation & Celebration Guide from WonderHere
    This free mini-curriculum includes conversation starters, media recommendations, activities, paper dolls and more to help get your family talking about embracing differences and fighting injustice.
  • The White Families’ Guide For Talking About Racism from Education With An Apron
    This guide, created by two Black moms, is specifically designed to help white parents unpack bias and discuss racism with their white children. (They also have versions for Black and POC families!)
  • How to Raise Anti-Racist Kids: 20 Resources for Parents
    Brace yourself — this roundup from Motherly is packed to the gills with links and resources grouped by age, from toddlers to teens. Here you’ll find reading lists, media libraries, websites and more to encourage anti-racism at every stage of development. 
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