Keep It Simple: Project ideas from K. Ray Collective

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You spend hours scrolling Pinterest, swiping through Instagram or poring over how-to books to come up with projects to do with your children. You see countless beautiful crafts, games and DIYs… and then get overwhelmed by the thought of starting them and end up doing nothing.

We love blogs and accounts that give us projects to aspire to, but in the trenches of parenting -- especially when many of our usual go-tos like zoos and play cafes are closed -- sometimes you just need something simple that you can do right now! That’s why we love Kelly Ray.

Both on her blog, Kelly in the Chaos, and on her Instagram account, @k.raycollective, Kelly is an amazing source for super straightforward, totally doable, and simply fun crafts, games and other kid-friendly DIYs. Along with product recommendations and organizing tips, Kelly shares project ideas that are enjoyable for both children and parents -- as well as being realistic, achievable, and stress-free.

Here are just a few of our favorites from Kelly Ray:

Kelly’s Instagram highlights are absolutely packed with low-stress, high-fun activities to keep your little ones entertained, rain or shine. If you try one, be sure to tag us in your Instagram stories so we can see what you’ve created!

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