Create Your Perfect Homeschooling Space

Either by choice or by necessity, many of us will need to make space for school in our homes this fall. Whether you choose to homeschool because that’s what works best for your family or you’re helping guide your child through distance learning, the right space will help set your little scholar up for success.

If you’ve been scrolling Instagram, looking at beautiful, dedicated homeschool rooms, don’t worry! Even if your home classroom is the dining room table, there are things you can do to keep that space organized, easy to use, and comfortable for the whole family. We’ve searched out some great tips and inspiration to help you set up a home learning space that makes the grade.

  • Get organized.
    Keeping school supplies organized will be important for your sanity, especially if you’re working in a small space. These blog posts from Farmette Kitchen, This Simple Balance, Blossom and Root, and This Love Filled Life are full of ideas and tips for organizing a homeschool area.
  • Save space — go vertical.
    Working things out in chalk can be a helpful way to learn (and teach). If your school area shares space with another room, a wall painted with chalkboard paint is an affordable, zero-footprint option. We love this dining room/schoolroom chalkboard wall shared by @theeverydayfarmouse. Bulletin boards and magnet boards are an easy, space-saving way to organize calendars, daily work and other materials.
  • Decorate with intention.
    Researchers have found that students perform better when their classrooms are decorated in a way that is “lively” but not “chaotic.” Good light, some color, and a thoughtful selection of pictures and decorations can help set a mood that’s conducive to learning. 
  • Line up the best seat.
    You don’t need special furniture for your home classroom, but you should take a look at where your little learners will be sitting. A chair that’s comfortable for mealtimes won’t necessarily work for all day, especially if your distance learning program involves a lot of computer time. This Instagram thread from @speakeasycommunity has some great ergonomic tips for making sure your kiddos are sitting pretty.
  • Build in cleanup time.
    School at home can be stressful — don’t let mess add to your stress! Just as a classroom teacher builds in time for cleaning up and resetting after an activity, you’ll want your daily rhythm to include a time for tidying up.
  • Be flexible.
    Sitting for long periods of time isn’t great for kids of any age, but fortunately, schooling from home gives you the opportunity to change things up! Depending on the lesson or activity, be open to moving to a cozy reading nook (your Ruggish play rug makes a great comfy reading spot!), the kitchen counter, or even outside.
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