Real Life Ruggish: Adrianne Betz

Everyone loves a dreamy playhouse. But what do you do when you can’t find one that fits your home design aesthetic?

If you’re Charleston designer and blogger Adrianne Betz, you DIY it.

Adrianne blogs about motherhood — she has four little ones — home decor, style, travel and more at Little Adi & Co., and while her site is brimming with creative ideas, we really can’t get over her custom KidKraft playhouse, which she DIYed into a midcentury-inspired surf shack for her sons (It even has its own little planters and holiday decor. With fresh paint, house numbers, and other little unique touches, Adrianne and her husband transformed a simple playhouse into a truly one-of-a-kind getaway for their children.

“When we decided the boys needed (a playhouse) of their own, we searched high and low for a playhouse that would fit the vibe of our own home,” Adrianne wrote on her blog. “One that wasn’t too colorful or country. One that felt like an extension of our house. We soon realized we would need to take matters into our own hands and do a little DIY to make it just the way we envisioned it.”

If that seems like going the extra mile, it’s not out of character for mompreneur Adrianne. When her first son was born, she had a hard time finding the kind of clothing she wanted for her baby, so she started her own label. Little Adi & Co. draws on Adrianne’s experience designing for brands like Baby Gap, producing stylish, gender-neutral clothing for chic littles.

She also brings her design expertise to the table when creating spaces for her children. With a growing family, Adrianne has had to get creative with spaces and organization. Ruggish has found a place in her home, first in the cool and calm bedroom shared by her sons, and more recently in her children’s sweet and sunny Montessori-inspired playroom

“I love getting a glimpse into how other people live and what I love even more is getting inspired,” Adrianne wrote on her blog. “I’m always finagling with the decor around our space and I love finding new ways to decorate to make our house feel like an old, cozy home.”

Making her family’s home feel “old” might be more of a challenge for Adrianne in the years to come; this summer, she shared that her family will be building a new house from the ground up. We’re looking forward to following along as Adrianne brings her unique perspective and designer’s eye to making a new home for her fun-loving family!

You can follow along with Adrianne and her family at or on Instagram @little_adi_co

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