Stocking stuffers parents can feel good about

When you’re the parent in charge of most of the holiday planning, stocking stuffers often feel like an afterthought. It’s far too easy to leave them to the last minute and end up filling stockings with too much candy and cheap plastic trinkets that will be forgotten after a few days. This year, we’re making an effort to be intentional about stocking stuffers, selecting items that our kids will enjoy long into the new year (and for years to come!). Here are some of the items we’ll be stuffing into stockings this year:

  • Glo Pals
    Bath time is fun time with these light-up friends! We love Glo Pals for sensory table play, too — and we especially love that they are safe, recyclable, and a hit with kids and adults alike.
  • Sarah’s Silks
    Few toys are more versatile than these wonderful Waldorf playsilks. Available in a rainbow of colors, they can become anything a child can imagine, from a costume to a castle to a magic carpet.
  • Land of Dough
    Play clay is an all-time favorite, but these colorful cups of handmade dough take it to a whole new level, with sparkling bio-glitter and layers of gorgeous color.
  • Bella Luna Tree House Family Fairy Dolls
    These sweet felt friends make perfect residents for wooden block towers or backyard fairy houses, and they tuck perfectly into a pocket for take-along play. 
  • Elm + Otter Multicultural Peg Dolls
    The simplest toys leave the most room for imagination, and that’s why we love this lovely little set of wooden peg people, who can go from medieval times to outer space in the blink of an eye!
  • PetitCollage Soft Toy Playsets
    We adore PetitCollage’s eco-friendly toys and games. Each of these sets comes with a sweet stuffed friend, pop-out paperboard furniture and accessories, and packaging that doubles as a play scene!
  • Candycar
    Stylish, sleek and sturdy, these beautifully made toy cars are some of our favorite companions to our play rugs, and they are the perfect size to tuck into a stocking. There are many to choose from, too… although we’re partial to our Ruggish exclusive JoyRide!
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