Real-Life Ruggish: ONEGeneration Intergenerational Preschool

What happens when you bring young children and senior citizens together? Everyone involved learns the meaning of acceptance, cooperation and compassion.

That’s the philosophy behind ONEGeneration, a preschool program in Van Nuys, California, where children ages six weeks to six years old get to engage with senior citizens in activities designed to benefit and enrich young and old alike.

Through activities like art, cooking, music, gardening and games, children and seniors at ONEGeneration get to learn new practical and creative skills together. At the same time, they’re learning to connect and engage with another generation — an experience that’s particularly valuable for families who don’t have grandparents or grandchildren living nearby.

This year, we worked with OneGeneration to help get their classrooms ready for the school year. There are now 20 Ruggish play rugs in use at ONEGeneration, with another 20 coming later this fall.

“We strive to provide our families with the best quality care,” ONEGeneration told us. “We recognize that to do so, we must enrich our environment with high quality materials and furniture throughout the program.”

Ruggish has been a perfect fit, they added:

“The mats are gentle to the touch, comfortable and are easily sanitized, helping maintain the health and safety of our children as our number one priority. We could not be more satisfied with our purchase, and we highly recommend (Ruggish) products. Thank you for helping us keep our children safe in the most aesthetically pleasing way!”

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