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Read more about why we are so proud to have created the best memory foam play mat available

".. keep your kiddo cushioned (and your living room looking sharp.". — 



"We love the beautiful and functional play rugs from Ruggish Co. so much that we’re thrilled to feature designer and owner..."


"Enter: Ruggish Play Rugs –  gorgeous play mats which are not only ideal for the nursery, but for your home decor..."


"Bringing a baby into any home usually means ditching all the nice things in favor of cushy surfaces and all-plastic everything.."

-GQ Magazine

"...the look of a stylish rug, giving baby a safe place to play without sacrificing style in the home."


"’s not all about making the grownups happy...on the flip side, you’ll find a modern map that kids will be happy to push toy cars and figures around on..


"It also just feels really nice to flip it over after the baby is down for the night and feel like a grown-up for a few hours."



"...we have been spending SO much time on our new playmat from @ruggishco and I am obsessed with it! It is so pretty and so easy to clean plus the other side is a fun train track that will be great for playtime once she’s older."

     - Natalie Keinan

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