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Cleaning, Care + FAQs

How do I clean my Ruggish Play Rug? The product is waterproof and very durable, but it can stain!

**Strong cleaners, including essential oils, will strip the material. 

The best way to clean is with baby wipes, a damp cloth with dish soap, or mild cleaning solutions such as Method ANTIBAC all-purpose cleaner, Meyer's Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, or Seventh Generation Multipurpose Wipes. 

Hose it down outside for the bigger messes...but please note, the material may be slippery when wet! 

It is durable...but we do not suggest using any type of vacuum or appliance with rotating brushes.  They will cause damage. 

Is it waterproof? Stainproof?  It is waterproof...but it is not stainproof: be careful with marker, pen, paint, dark berries, tomato sauce or other acidic liquids... They may not come out.

Can I use my Ruggish Play Rug outside? The Ruggish Play Rug is a great place to sit and play outside, but it should not be left in direct sunlight for a long period of time, as it could fade.

What about pets? Can pets use the Ruggish Play Rug?  We have not done formal testing with pets, but sharp objects, such as pet nails, may pierce the material, so it is not recommended. 

Can I put furniture on the Ruggish Play Rug? It is not recommended to leave heavy objects on the play rug, as it may cause a permanent impression.

Can I use more than one Ruggish Play Rug for my large space?  Absolutely! It is a great way to fill a space. When using more than one, please note that the pattern may not perfectly align.


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