Live Insta-Workouts With Ariel Hoffman

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A real-life Ruggish mom and fitness expert, Ariel is going live on Instagram to help you stay healthy while you’re social distancing!
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How to Set Up Your Own Sensory Bin

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Sensory play isn’t just good for little ones, it’s a ton of fun! Here’s how you can get started with a sensory bin your kids will love.
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Simple Magical Childhood.

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Beautiful wooden toys are no fun to stack on wobbly carpet! Here’s how this Army vet uses Ruggish in her Waldorf-inspired playroom.
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Set Up A Kid-Friendly Reading Nook

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If you want to foster a love of reading in your little ones, set up a cozy spot where they can enjoy spending time with their favorite books! Here are a few tips to create a reading nook for the littlest bibliophiles in your family.

  • Define a space.
    The perfect reading nook is one that’s visible and close to the action but clearly set aside for enjoying books. Hello Fifth blogger, teacher, and mom of three Jillian Shafer set up her classroom library using the Cali play rug as a comfy way to define the reading space. In tighter spots, try the The Ruggish™ Lola Play Runner!

  • Find practical storage that works for you.
    Whether it’s rolling crates, traditional bookshelves, or those IKEA spice rack wall shelves that Pinterest loves, adequate easy-to-access storage will be key to keeping your book nook tidy. suggests storage that lets children see the covers of their books so they can easily find their favorites.

  • Think outside the box…
    ...or outside the house! Design Improvised set up this breezy outdoor reading nook for warm weather. 

  • Make it cozy.
    Add some cushions and blankets — maybe a basket of furry friends — and hang some welcoming art on the wall to create a space that beckons little readers to come curl up with a book.

  • How have you personalized your kiddos’ reading space?

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    Say Hello to Jillian Shafer of Hello Fifth!

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    Find out how this creative teacher uses Ruggish in her classroom to create an inviting space for students to curl up with a good book!

    Remember the cool teacher — the one everyone hoped they’d get, who made learning fun and whose classroom was always alive with activity? That’s Jillian Shafer.

    Step inside Jill’s colorful classroom — or visit her website, Hello Fifth — and you’ll enter an organized and beautifully engaging space that’s designed to foster a love of learning in her young pupils. 

    “I LOVE the space I share with my students, and I’m constantly searching for ways to make it work even better for us,” Jill says. “With thirty students, I love to carve out spaces that promote flexible seating, student choice, and comfortable work areas.”

    Like many educators, Jill has made significant personal investments in her classroom, from supplies to decorations to furniture — so when she shops for school, she wants her purchases to last.

    “Anything that I purchase and bring into our space has to stand the test of time (or, in my case, ten- and eleven-year-olds!” she says.

    One look at Jill’s gorgeous signage and decorations (some of which she sells as printables in her online store) and it’s clear she’s got an eye for kid-friendly design. She keeps her rainbow-colored classroom decor from becoming overwhelming by setting it against a more muted palette.

    “As much as I love bright pops of color, I want to pair it with a neutral background,” Jill says. “I love whites and grays, which, even in a classroom of fifth graders, seem fresh and clean! When I look for products to add to our room, I’m looking for things that encourage that type of cleanliness, as well as durability.”

    One of the best-loved features in Jill’s classroom is her considerable library, which she has been building up throughout her years as a teacher. The Ruggish™ Cali Play Rug has a place of honor in that area of her classroom… although it’s also been known to get around!

    “I had originally placed it right back in our classroom library, but students also love to move it around, such as against the side wall,” she says. “They’ll drag some pillows over and truly get lost in their books! It is a gentle invitation that they just love.”

    Also a mom of three, Jill says her Ruggish play rug hits the trifecta of fun, functional, and beautiful.

    “The rug is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before; even my colleagues come in to check it out,” she says. “I think you just need to add a pillow and a good book for a comfortable reading spot!”

    See more of Jill’s gorgeous classroom, get tips for motivating students, and find freebies and resources at, or follow her on Instagram @Hello_Fifth.

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