Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like hearts, doilies, and the smell of Elmer’s school glue. As adults, we associate the holiday with romance, but we still think fondly of childhood days when Valentine’s Day meant exchanging cards and goodies with our friends.

This year, many of those classroom celebrations will be held over Zoom… but there is still so much valentine craft fun to be had! We rounded up some ideas for fun Valentine’s Day art projects your children can do at home:

Kite Paper Hearts

We are big fans of Waldorf paper window stars — they’re just the thing to brighten up a gray winter day — so we love (pun intended) these Waldorf-inspired window hearts! You can make them with kite paper or tissue paper, and even fairly young children can learn the easy folds that bring these colorful suncatchers to life.

Fingerprint Love Tree

What’s more fun than an art project? An art project that lets little ones get their hands messy! With a little assist from a stencil, even the youngest member of your family can make a perfectly heart-shaped valentine tree filled with their own colorful fingerprints. 

Valentine’s Day Mailboxes

Remember decorating a tissue box to hold your classroom valentines when you were a kid? That was always one of our favorite parts of the holiday! Even if your Valentine’s Day celebration is happening at home this year, a DIY mailbox craft can be a fun project for little ones (and a perfect spot to tuck away any cards and treats that might arrive from friends and family). Here’s a roundup of some truly creative Valentine’s Day mailbox crafts you can make at home! 

Coffee Filter Flowers

Use tissue paper, watercolor paints and coffee filters to create a beautiful bouquet that won’t wilt! These sweet paper flowers are easy to make and ready to brighten up your Valentine’s Day festivities. If you have very small children, you’ll probably need to do the cutting for them, but they still get all the fun of painting and assembling their flowers.

Upcycled Valentines

Raise your hand if your house is stacked to the rafters with drawings, paintings and other art projects! (We’re raising our hands, too.) Especially as we’ve been staying home more, the pictures and paintings just seem to accumulate. This year, why not transform them into homemade, upcycled valentines made from your children’s art? This blog post has so many great ideas for ways to repurpose kids’ artwork into creative, colorful Valentine’s Day projects. 

We opted to go a little outside of the box, using this Friendly Monster Blow Art for inspiration. It was the perfect project and we all got involved, some of us went a little crazier than others! 

How will your family celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

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