Simple Magical Childhood.

Simple Magical Childhood. 


Even if you didn’t know that’s the name of Ashley Kilday’s Instagram, those are probably three of the words you’d use to describe her feed, which features the Waldorf-inspired activities, imaginative playthings and wooden toys that fill her children’s sunny playroom.


A stay-at-home mom and disabled Army veteran, Ashley lives in Ohio with her husband and two daughters in a home that she aims to make a place of peace and creativity for her family.


“I love things that are natural and calming,” Ashley says. “When I look for things for my home, I focus on the mood I would like to give off. Very cool colors or tones create a more relaxed environment to me.”


Ashley has a few additional criteria in addition to the home environment she’s trying to foster.  “I love supporting small businesses,” she said. “I won’t buy something if it comes from a huge company.”


“What I love about our playroom is that it’s actually our living room, but the space is entirely for play,” she says. The play rugs in Ashley’s living room aren’t just for looks; they also solve some logistical problems caused by the original flooring.


“We have carpet, and playing with any wooden toy was really hard,” Ashley says. “I wanted a surface that was easy to clean, my kids can spread out all their toys and nothing gets lost, and of course being able to stack blocks without the tower falling due to the carpet.”


Along with providing a nice background for her photos and making cleanup easy, Ashley likes that her Ruggish play rugs are comfortable for both her daughters and herself.


“My favorite thing about the rug is that my kids really enjoy playing on it and don’t get frustrated when playing with small toys or stacking toys,” she says. “I am very sensitive to carpet, so it’s a great barrier, and I can comfortably sit in the playroom with my girls.”


Check out Ashley’s simple, magical playroom and learn more about her favorite toys, books and organizational tools: @simplemagicalchildhood on Instagram.


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