Real Life Ruggish: Shyesa Mosley of @shybutchi

That’s why we love content creator, plant lover and Leap Day birthday girl Shyesa Mosley. This Texas mom of two shares it all on her YouTube channel, Living For Shy, and her Instagram account, @shybutchi

Shy shares many of the same kinds of posts and videos you might expect — product recommendations, reviews and unboxings — but her honesty and relatability make her much more than just another influencer.

Along with smoothies, babywearing wraps and organic cotton onesies, Shy posts open, honest and often funny reels and photos about topics that matter to her as a parent and a person. Whether she’s commiserating with other toddler moms about life in the trenches, sharing real talk about her postpartum experiences, discussing what it’s like to be a parent with ADHD or raising awareness about the high rate of maternal mortality among Black women, Shy’s authenticity comes through in everything she shares.

“Y’all truly don’t understand how many messages a day I get saying ‘why are my kids so perfect, ‘you have the perfect life,’ ‘tips on controlling a toddler,’” Shy posted recently. “TRUTH IS, I truly don’t have a perfect nothing. My kids have tantrums, freak out attacks, screaming (matches), break things AND more. Remember, the internet isn't REAL LIFE!”

And in “real life,” Shy is in a situation many parents can relate to: figuring out how to carve out a child-friendly space in a small apartment. With her firstborn, Navi, a full-fledged toddler and baby Ryker joining the family lineup, Shy began to get interested in incorporating the Montessori philosophy into her space at home. 

Recently, she rearranged her space to set up a Montessori-inspired play area in her kitchen. Previously, Shy had used a Dottie play rug as the primary rug in her living room. Now it’s part of a dedicated area for her littles, where Navi and Ryker can play and tumble safely. Shy said she loves the combination of style, comfort and durability.

“Not only is it reversible, but the new Dottie print on the other side is so stink’n cute,” she wrote. “These rugs are a play mat material, yet thick and sturdy like an area rug.”

Keep up with Shy and her babies (the plant ones as well as the sweet humans!) on YouTube and Instagram.

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