Our Favorite Wooden Toys

There’s something special about wooden toys. Not only are they better for the planet, they’re better for your sanity (no flashing lights or electronic music!) and they spark imagination and creativity in unexpected ways. Here are a few of the wooden playthings we love — what would you add to the list?

Friendly Fort

What’s more fun than a secret hideout? Literally nothing. Your little ones can build their own with the Play Frame Fort Kit from Waldorf favorite Sarah’s Silks, made in California from poplar wood.

Blocks Galore

We are madly in love with Uncle Goose wooden blocks. Not only are they made in the USA from sustainable basswood, they’re available in alphabets like Cherokee, Thai and Hebrew, as well as guitar chords, planets… even individual letters or custom sets!

Colorful Cars

We love Candycar’s solid beech cars! They’re safe for little hands (and mouths) and the perfect size to drive on Ruggish play rugs. Check out the Taxi, the Shewiff, and the Teal Wagon.

Marble Madness

For children who are old enough to play with smaller toys, there’s nothing more exciting than building an elaborate, twisty-turny marble race. There are a lot of versions out there, but we love this colorful wooden set from HearthSong. 

Rainbow Magic

There’s a reason Grimm’s Rainbow toys are so popular — they’re gorgeous, versatile, and fun for all ages! Stack them, nest them, and make up all kinds of games with the Grimm’s Rainbow from Bella Luna toys, made from alderwood in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Magnetic Fun

Beautiful toys that encourage learning? Yes please! Big Future Toys offers wooden magnetic tiles that are hand-crafted, durable and non-toxic. And bonus...every purchase plants a tree! 

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