Last-Minute Class Valentines (Candy-Free!)

It happens to the best of us — one day it’s the middle of January, and the next thing you know, you’re scrambling to come up with a classroom’s worth of Valentines that need to be at school by tomorrow! Never fear… we have your back! Here’s a roundup of easy-to-make Valentine’s Day cards, printables and gift ideas that are sure to be a hit in your child’s class.

Coloring Pages Two Ways

Free printable coloring pages make great DIY Valentines for kids even if you’re short on time. Once the pages are printed, your child can color them in to create a special Valentine’s picture for each classmate, or give them uncolored for their friends to do their own coloring. If you’re feeling extra fancy, mount each coloring page on a sheet of construction paper with a glue stick or double-sided tape and fold it into a card. Here are a few free Valentine’s Day coloring pages we like:

Conversation Hearts

Bee Mine

Purrfect Valentine

Hearts (blank in the center so you can write a name or draw a picture!)

Robot Love

Dapper Turtle

Valentine Word Search

Word searches are fun for early readers and a great way to practice recognizing words! You can give this free printable Valentine’s Day word search as is, fold it into a card, or roll it up into a scroll tied with a ribbon.

Shaving Cream Sensory Valentine

Who wouldn’t love to get one of these clever interactive cards filled with colorful, squooshable shaving cream?

Valentine’s Day Cootie Catcher

Remember folding paper fortune tellers when you were a kid? Here are two Valentine’s Day versions — one funny and one sweet — that can be printed, folded and given as gifts!

Printable Fortune Cookie Valentines

How adorable — and creative — are these sweet paper “fortune cookies”? These non-edible, allergen-free goodies look complicated, but they are surprisingly easy to print and assemble at home, and you can tuck a custom message inside for each classmate.

ASL “I Love You” Valentine

To make these easy DIY Valentine cards, you’ll trace your child’s hand, then fold it into the American Sign Language sign for “I love you”! 

Easy Valentine’s Day Pencil Gift

For a class Valentine or party favor that everyone can enjoy, skip the sweets and dress up a simple pencil as Cupid’s arrow! This free printable makes it all come together.

Cupcake Liner Valentines

Love to bake? You might already have the supplies you need to make beautiful homemade Valentines. These adorable rosettes are easy to make from an assortment of cupcake liners!

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