Home Style Inspiration: Our Perfecting Manor

With as much time as we’ve been spending at home this year, we’ve got redecorating on the brain, and of course we turn to Instagram for home decor inspiration. That’s where we fell in love with Janice of Our Perfecting Manor.

Janice describes herself as a “serial home renovator” who has lived in and worked on SEVEN houses in the past two decades. This summer, she upgraded her daughter’s bedroom into a glorious boho chic retreat that, to be honest, we’d love to live in ourselves. Meanwhile, she’s renovating her basement to include a built-in indoor playhouse for her 7-year-old twins!

Beyond beautiful spaces, Janice is an amazing source of ideas and inspiration for home organization. Her tips for organizing craft and homeschooling supplies are invaluable, and her breakdown of how to get Khloe Kardashian’s pantry using IKEA products deserves some kind of award.

A lover of modern farmhouse style, Janice likes the design aesthetic that allows for the blending of old and new, especially since she has lived in so many different homes.

“When you move into a new home, you potentially leave behind some older well-loved pieces as you set your sights on new ones,” she writes. “Modern farmhouse styling allows you to blend your existing furniture as well as other home décor pieces to create a curated look and feel. It provides for a rustic look with a modern touch when combined with different trends.”

Visit Janice online at OurPerfectingManor.com and follow her on Instagram @OurPerfectingManor to see how she incorporates a Ruggish playmat into her bright and beautiful modern farmhouse decor!

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