The Ghana Basket Weavers

From the very start, we have always wanted Ruggish to be more than just a business. We believe in community, sustainability and giving back, especially to organizations that benefit women and families.


So when we started looking for playroom storage to add to our lineup, we knew we wanted something special — not just another plastic bin, flimsy cube or trendy acrylic container that will end up in a landfill once it goes out of style. (How high are our standards? It took years to perfect the Perch Pillow before we were satisfied that it lived up to the Ruggish name!)


That’s why we were so excited when we found Savanna Baskets. Like every Ruggish product, these baskets are both beautiful and durable — the perfect combination for the playroom or any room!. Woven from sustainable, biodegradable veta vera (“elephant grass”) straw, they are planet-friendly and rugged enough to stand up to years of daily use. When they’re no longer needed to contain toys and books, Savanna Baskets can be used to tote laundry, hold towels or blankets, or serve as decorative storage around the house.


What really made us fall in love with Savanna Baskets, though, was their origin story. They’re hand-woven by women from the rural community of Bolgatanga, Ghana, using traditional indigenous weaving techniques that have been passed down for generations. Now these indigenous Frafra women are turning their fair trade “Bolga baskets” into a growing business, benefiting their families and the greater community of Bolgatanga.


As Bolga baskets have become more popular, unfortunately, imitators have popped up. It was important to us that our Ruggish playroom storage baskets would be the genuine article, so we put extra effort into ensuring we would be able to bring you baskets that live up to our values (and yours!). Our Savanna Baskets come straight from Bolgatanga, and they directly benefit the indigenous craftspeople who weave them by hand. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce these durable, environmentally friendly, fair trade baskets to our Ruggish families — we know you will find them as beautiful and useful as we do!

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