Flex Seating Isn’t Just For School

The benefits of flexible seating in the classroom are well known — it can help students concentrate, give them the confidence of choice, let them move and sit comfortably so they can focus on their work, and stimulate their senses so they’re less distracted. 

But did you know flexible seating can also be great for kids at home? As you pick out furniture for your children to use at home, think beyond pint-sized chairs and tables and look at floor seats, mats, rockers, wiggle stools and other unconventional choices. Many of the benefits from the classroom translate to the living room, playroom and dining room:

  • Self-regulation is important at home as well as school. If you have a little one who struggles with sitting still at dinnertime, giving them a chair that lets them fidget and move might help make time at the table more pleasant for the whole family.

  • Unconventional seating encourages “dynamic sitting,” or changing position and moving while seated. That’s good for posture, core strength and flexibility, whether it’s done at a school desk, sensory bin or train table.

  • Seating like bean bags, Nugget couches and floor cushions can serve as invitations to imaginative play, from building castles to elaborate games of The Floor is Lava. Especially as the weather gets cooler, we love anything that keeps kids moving and engages their minds!

  • The ongoing pandemic means that students (or whole classes) may occasionally need to temporarily return to distance learning. Providing alternative seating can help little scholars better focus while learning from home.

  • Alternative seating can have physical health benefits for some kids. If your child tends to sit “W-style,” occupational therapists recommend providing different seating options to encourage moving and changing position. (Our Perch pillow is great for this!)

(We would be remiss if we didn’t add that Ruggish play rugs and runners are perfect for flexible seating! A soft surface provides an ideal spot for little ones to sit and move comfortably while they read, relax or play.)

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