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I'm an interior designer. I'm also a mom. 

I wanted products that would protect my baby, without compromising our style...

As a new mom living in a small city apartment, my son's nursery was also our home office and guest room, so we had to be selective with every item we chose.
I assumed that we would have to use a bright (ugly) play mat or worse, foam tiles. In addition, I found that the mainstream products do not actually provide much cushion, are easy to pull apart by little ones, and collect crumbs, dirt, and liquid in the cracks.  So, I created Ruggish.
Designed by me, in California, we launched in 2017. We’ve been driving trains, crashing blocks, (rarely) resting, and… doing our best as parents ever since. 

We are thrilled to share our products with families like our own, helping protect little ones, stylishly. 



Liza knew she wanted to change how kids play.  

View the Kickstarter intro video, where it all started.