As an Interior Designer and first time parent, we wanted our baby to be stylish, and well protected.  When our son was born, we were living in a small apartment in Santa Monica, and space was limited !  His Nursery was also the Play Room, Office and Guest Room, so we had to be selective with every item we chose!
We loved the look of our trendy cowhide rug, but it offered no cushion, made a mess with shedding and stained easily, not a good choice for play time! We assumed that we would have to use the foam tiles that are so widely known, but we didn't like the look of the bright colors and characters and found that they don't actually provide much cushion, they are easy to pull apart by little ones, and the cracks collect crumbs, dirt, and liquid.  We researched every product on the market and when we didn't find anything suitable...the Ruggish Play Rug was born! 
Over two years ago, we created our first prototype, and we still used it everyday for building train tracks, crashing blocks, (rarely) resting, and when we are lucky, we sneak in a little yoga. 
We are so thrilled to finally be able to share this product with families like our own, helping them to protect their children, and play stylishly. We are so thankful for the support that we have received and look forward to what's to come!
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